Underground and Improvisation. St. Francis Duo (Set 2)


Numerous sub-genres characterise the contemporary concept of improvisation and it has long been impossible to reduce it to terms like "free jazz" or "improv". The concert programme for the "Free Music Production/FMP: The Living Music" exhibition – 50 years after the label was founded – serves as a monument to this eclectic melting pot of genres. Drummer Steve Noble, who is regarded as one of the elder statesmen of British avant-garde jazz, has worked for a long time with Stephen O'Malley, who in turn is world-renowned as an innovative drone metal guitar virtuoso. As the St. Francis Duo, they present improvised drone fireworks for drums and e-guitar that are as meditative as they are explosive.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

10 pm


Hall 2

Steve Noble (drums), Stephen O'Malley (electric guitar)

€ 13/7 (combined tkt. Set 1+2)


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000
E-Mail: ticket@adk.de