Dieter Appelt – Vortex.
For Marguerite Duras

Opening Event

Dieter Appelt, whose works are based on a photographic and cinematic way of thinking, repeatedly turned to drawings after studying music in Leipzig. His frequent metrically-structured drawings of recent years were created as individual notations, whose open arrangements of lines and dots nevertheless require a musical interpretation. The Sonar Quartett, founded in 2006, will perform his drawing No. 37 (2016) at the opening and will develop an improvisation based on the drawings that Appelt created for the walls of the exhibition.

Appelt's concept of notation provided the initial spark for the eponymous exhibition at the Akademie. He uses it in novel ways to link his interaction with drawing, sequence and repetition, as well as in tribute to the French writer and filmmaker Marguerite Duras.The exhibition also includes photographs and films, which the artist views as a vortex of captured movement and as a point of intersection between space and time. Appelt is allowing the insights in his notebooks to be made public for the first time.

In cooperation with the Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum at Rheinsberg Palace.

Sunday, 12 Aug 2018

11 am

Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum
Schloss Rheinsberg
16831 Rheinsberg

Exhibition opening with Hubertus von Amelunxen

Noon: Sonar Quartett Concert
Performance of Dieter Appelt's notation No. 37 (2016)

In German

Free admission

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