Eadweard’s Ear – Muybridge extended Movements between Listening and Seeing


This project is inspired by late 19th century chronophotographic experiments of Eadweard Muybridge and Étienne-Jules Marey, which are considered to be the first graphical notations of physical movements. Penelope Wehrli and Joa Glasstetter developed an interface that records dance movements and transforms them into graphical notations that are played in real time by musicians. Composer Gerriet K. Sharma, dancers and musicians interact in an open system of dialogue.

How does our listening change when we see movement? And the other way around: How does our seeing change our listening? To what extent are we moving (with our attention) between the aural and the visual to be able to perceive both?

Saturday, 6 Oct 2018

3:30 pm


Hall 2

Discussion with guests

Moderation: Stephanie Schroedter

In German

Free admission

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