100 Years of Bauhaus Krapp’s Last Tape

Theatre Performance

„Krapp's Last Tape" (...) provides a unique opportunity for Wilson's performing talent, being a blend of his signature, highly detailed, and rigorous integration of movement, lighting and sound, and within that framework, a structure that leaves a great deal of freedom for the spontaneity of response that makes his live performance so exciting. Wilson has often been compared with Beckett, both being masters of the stark simplicity that is one of the most difficult artistic achievements. Nothing is extraneous, not a word, not a movement. In the brief hour of this work, Beckett and Wilson in a few simple strokes paint a vision of the world that is very particular and at the same time, universal", writes Sue Jane Stoker.

Robert Wilson's production of Beckett's classic Krapp's Last Tape premiered in 2009 and has been shown at many theaters worldwide – in Western Europe, the Americas, Australia, Russia and China. Maybe most importantly, in 2012, it received its knighting in Ireland, Beckett's own home country, where the press hailed the show as "stylish and powerful" as well as "freeing Beckett's work from the preconceptions that so often define it." After Happy Days (2008), Krapp's Last Tape was the second Beckett production in Robert Wilson's career.

Direction, Set Design and Lighting Concept: Robert Wilson
Assistant Director: Charles Chemin
Assistant Director: Yashi
Lighting Design: A.J. Weissbard
Sound Design: Peter Cerone und Jesse Ash
Associate Director: Sue Jane Stoker
Technical Director: Reinhard Bichsel
Light Supervisor: Aliberto Sagretti / Marcello Lumaca
Sound Engineer: Guillaume Dulac
Stage Manager: Thaiz Bozano
Make up: Manu Halligan
Personal Assistant to Robert Wilson: Fernando de Testa

A project by Change Performing Arts
Commissioned by Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Spoleto52 Festival dei 2 Mondi
Premiered on June 28, 2009, Spoleto Festival dei 2Mondi, Caio Melisso Theater, Spoleto, Italy

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

7 pm



Robert Wilson in a play by Samuel Beckett

German debut performance, in English

€ 30/25/15


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