Anhörung! The Man in the Elevator

Radio Play and Discussion

The Man in the Elevator is a monologue from Heiner Müller's work Der Auftrag. Erinnerung an eine Revolution (1979). A surreal nightmare of power and powerlessness, he goes back to a visit Müller made to plead with Erich Honecker. Within Müller's work, this text assumed a certain autonomy as it were and, in 1988, was composed as a music radio play piece by Heiner Goebbels that attracted a great deal of attention, among other things, at concerts, as a radio play and ultimately as a record.

This evening ist part of new event series for audio art "Anhörung!" of the Akademie der Künste. In this series of radio plays some exemplary pieces are listened to and discussed anew, archives are researched, borderlands are explored and forms of the public sphere are put to the test.

In cooperation with Internationale Heiner Müller Gesellschaft

Thursday, 7 Feb 2019

7 pm


Hall 1

Radio play based on Heiner Müller

Realisation: Heiner Goebbels

Production by ECM 1988 First broadcast by HR 1989

43 Min

Talk: Christoph Buggert, Helen Müller, Clemens Pornschlegel

Moderation: Thomas Irmer

In German

€ 6/4


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