Space as Dramaturgy. Colloquium on Scenography


The staging of the space made its mark in theatre and helped to shape Regietheater. Scenography – stage and costume design, but also lighting, painting, sculpture and large-scale installations – is an autonomous art form, which can only be realized in collaboration with text, directing and acting.

Following an introduction from a theatre studies perspective, artists from all areas of theatre production will speak on related subjects: how the room at play influences the aesthetics of the theatre today; artistic constellations and team building; production relationships in theatre; and the invitation of theatre to the visual arts. This with a special view to France, from where strong impulses – whose origins could already be felt in Paris during the interwar period – reached a significant impact on European theatre since 1968, through artists such as Gilles Aillaud, Eduardo Arroyo, Richard Peduzzi, and others.

In cooperation with Bund der Szenografen.

Saturday, 30 Mar 2019

1:30 pm



Lecture: Birgit Wiens

Panels with Michel Bataillon, Janina Benduski, Lars Eidinger, Dorte Lena Eilers, Jana Findeklee, Jürgen Flimm, Herbert Fritsch, Sebastian Hannak, Ulrike Haß, Jean Jourdheuil, Katharina Kromminga, Annette Kurz, Mark Lammert, Kathrin Mädler, Jan Pappelbaum, Gregor Sturm, Joki Tewes, Valery Tscheplanowa and Sabrina Zwach

In German

Free admission; reservations are requested.


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