Wo kommen wir hin. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Discussion and Music

Questions of responsibility, often controversial, have always produced a variety of resonances, both philosophical and artistic. W. B. Yeats' title ‒ as catchy as it is enigmatic ‒ is interwoven into the two-day project with the festival motto “Wo kommen wir hin” and related to manifestations of contemporary art.

In theatrical compositions developed especially for the first evening, young composers and music scholars from the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden assess the spectrum between duty and dream, morals and imagination. This is followed by joint reflections discussed by Jörn Peter Hiekel, Manos Tsangaris, Johannes Odenthal and the philosopher Dieter Mersch.

In a matinee performance on the second day, project participants read theme-related texts but are continually interrupted by pianist Pi-hsien Chen, who plays works for piano by Arnold Schönberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen, et al.

The event is part of "Wo kommen wir hin".

1 — 2 Jun 2019


Hall 2

Theatrical compositions, discussions, reflections, readings and piano music

By and with Alberto Arroyo, Pi-hsien Chen, Oliver Fenk, Brandon Farnsworth, Jadwiga Frej, Jörn Peter Hiekel, Malte Jackisch, Elias Jurgschat, Dieter Mersch, Tamara Miller, Johannes Odenthal, Sol-i So, Manos Tsangaris

1 Jun, 7 pm
2 Jun, 12 pm

In German

Admission freee

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