Wo kommen wir hin. Positive Zukunftsbilder: Mission Impossible?


If the future turns out better than the present, what would it look like? As part of the project "Future Images of Sustainability", FUTURTWEI. Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit has undertaken a journey through Germany in regard to this question. Visions of the future, wishes and dreams of young people were discussed with members of the marksmen club, choir and the boy scouts, as well as with schoolkids, early school leavers and students.

In this talk Magali Mohr and Gemina Picht from FUTURZWEI report on the main knowledge of their investigation and invite you to discuss it.

The event is part of “Wo kommen wir hin”.

Friday, 3 May 2019

7 pm



On the experiences from a journey through Germany in search for positive visions of the future by adolescents and young adults.

Discussion with Magali Mohr and Gemina Picht (FUTURZWEI. Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit)

In German

€ 5/3

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