Thomas Florschuetz. Zwischenzeit


Since his work began, photographer Thomas Florschuetz has dedicated himself to the fragmentary image of the snapshot, which oscillates between abstraction and concretion. While he has been creating unique photographic tableaux of parts of the body since the mid-1980s, numerous groups of works have followed to the present day. These show various subjects, including from architecture, engineering and botany, and essentially differ in their material and surface texture as well as in the handling of colour, light and shade. Overlays of different surfaces (plastic, glass, wood, stone, etc.) transport the two-dimensional medium of photography to new spatial constellations.

From these images, often in multi-part form, works are created that emphasise the fragmentary glance, making difference and loss tangible at the same moment in the transition from seeing to showing. For the photographer, this process is not about the physicality in the image but rather the viewer’s perception of the body shown.

A selection of large and small-format works at the Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum at Rheinsberg Palace demonstrates how deep and multi-layered his photography can be and the limits of abstraction he exceeds.

Reading and discussion: 2 Nov, 5 pm

24 Aug — 3 Nov 2019

Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum
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16831 Rheinsberg

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