Katerina Poladjan: Hier sind Löwen

Book Premiere

The fate of Armenia and the balancing act of remembrance are the topics of Katerina Poladjan’s new novel.

The old Bible of an Armenian family on the Black Sea coast is the only thing siblings Anahid and Hrant managed to hold on to when they fled in 1915. A hundred years later in Yerevan, the restorer Helen discovers the following sentence scribbled into the Bible: “Hrant doesn’t want to wake up”. She delves into the mystery of the book and is shaken by Armenia’s history and present.

Introduction: Meike Feßmann
Saxophone: Angelika Niescier

Thursday, 29 Aug 2019

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Reading: Katerina Poladjan

Introduction and discussion: Meike Feßmann

Saxophone: Angelika Niescier

In German

€ 6/4