What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Gerhard Bohner/Theater Bielefeld: Angst und Geometrie


“Theatre is actually only created at the point of intersection between fear and geometry.” Heiner Müller’s quote was also the starting point for the last group choreography by Gerhard Bohner, produced when the choreographer was already suffering from AIDS. The choreography, which the Prague Chamber Ballet premiered in 1990, focuses on the possibility of bringing together ritual and contemporary interpretations of form. In his artistic reinterpretations of the Bauhaus since the 1970s, Bohner primarily used his solo works to reflect on questions about form and life. Angst und Geometrie can be viewed as a legacy that Bohner wished to pass on for the future of dance.

8 pm / Studio
Gerhard Bohner/Helge Letonja/steptext dance project:
Zwei Giraffen tanzen Tango

9 pm / Hall 2
Gerhard Bohner/Theater Bielefeld:
Angst und Geometrie


Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

9 pm


Hall 2

€ 13/7

€ 20/12
(Combined ticket inkl. the dance at 8 pm: Zwei Giraffen tanzen Tango)

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Extensive documentary material of Angst und Geometrie is  accessible in TANZFONDS ERBE's digital archive