From left to rigth: ECCE (H)OMO by Pol Pi, © Marc Domage / Afectos Humanos by Nils Freyer, © Yan Revazov / Afectos Humanos by Susanne Linke, © Oliver Look

What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Dore Hoyer: Afectos Humanos


The solo choreography Afectos Humanos, originally premiered in 1962 by the exceptional dancer Dore Hoyer, is one of the masterpieces of the 20th century.

Arila Siegert, Susanne Linke and Martin Nachbar discuss Hoyer's workings. After this there will be a screening of the film Dore Hoyer tanzt Afectos Humanos. In recent years, three new appropriations of Afectos Humanos have been created by dancers Renate Graziadei, Nils Freyer and Pol Pi and can be also seen on a single evening as a programme sequence for the first time.

5 pm / Studiofoyer
Film and Talk
Talk with Arila Siegert, Susanne Linke, Martin Nachbar
Followed by Dore Hoyer tanzt Afectos Humanos, Film, 1962
Admission with ticket for the exhibition "The Century of Dance"

7 pm / Hall 2

8:15 pm / Studio
Nils Freyer: Afectos Humanos

9:15 pm / Studio
Renate Graziadei: Afectos Humanos
Followed by a talk with Martin Nachbar, Pol Pi, Renate Graziadei and Nils Freyer

Saturday, 31 Aug

Film, Talk and Dances

7 pm: Pol Pi: ECCE (H)OMO
8:15 pm: Dore Hoyer / Nils Freyer: Afectos Humanos
9:15 pm: Dore Hoyer / Renate Graziadei: Afectos Humanos

In German

€ 8/5
(Film and Talk)

€ 13/7 Single-Ticket
(One Dance)

€ 28/18 Combined Ticket
(All three Dances, incl. Film and Talk)

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