Heiner Müller: Germania 3 Gespenster am Toten Mann

Radio Play and Discussion

Heiner Müller’s last work, completed shortly before his death in 1995 (parts of which he wrote before and after Reunification), is a montage of 20th-century ghosts: Rosa Luxemburg and Ernst Thälmann, Hitler and Stalin, Walter Ulbricht and Bertolt Brecht. It is set in scenes ranging from the battles of the Second World War to the Berliner Ensemble in 1956, and to the present following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Ulrich Gerhardt based the audio play version on a radical decision: The entire text is shaped solely by Ulrich Mühe, an actor who was closely connected to Heiner Müller and who played the leading role in his legendary Hamlet/Maschine.

“You have to have such gigantomaniacal plans right now. Yes, at the moment the trouble is that there is only time, or speed, or the course of time. You have to create spaces to combat this acceleration.” (Heiner Müller)

This piece, and accordingly the summation of Müller’s dramatic work, ends with the words: “DARK, COMRADES, SPACE IS VERY DARK.”

Monday, 7 Oct 2019

7 pm


Studio Lobby

Radio play by Ulrich Gerhardt based on a play by Heiner Müller

DLF/ORB/SDR 1996, 84 min

Talk with Ulrich Gerhardt, Elisabeth Panknin, Stephan Suschke

Moderation: Thomas Irmer

In German

€ 6/4