Volker Pfüller. Bilderlust

Book Presentation

Volker Pfüller’s visual language is the language of theatre, in all its diversity and expressiveness. He has been successful as a graphic designer, poster artist, book designer and author – and not least of all, as stage and costumer designer. He has been creating distinctive designs for over 50 years, in many cases both as stage and as costume designer.

His collaboration with director and actor Alexander Lang at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin during the eighties was legendary.

The publication Volker Pfüller. Bilderlust marks the 80th birthday of the artist and documents in large-format photos the wide range of his visual creativity, as shown in his designs for stage and costume, and for theatre posters and programmes. With contributions by Friedrich Dieckmann and Stephan Dörschel et al.

Monday, 18 Nov 2019

7:30 pm

Deutsches Theater
Schumannstraße 13A
10117 Berlin

Book presentation with Volker Pfüller, Claus Caesar, Christian Grashof, Stephan Dörschel, Philipp Stölzl et al.

In German

Free admission

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