Labor Beethoven 2020 Festival of Contemporary Music for the Beethoven Anniversary


Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, all outstanding concerts in the context of "Labor Beethoven 2020" have been cancelled. The exhibition "Laboratory 1802-2020", the sound installation De-Symphonic by Werner Cee and the music theater installation Wir sind so frei #1 Fidelio by Novoflot will be closed from Saturday, 14 Mar.

How experimental were Ludwig van Beethoven and his contemporaries, what artistic experiments were triggered by how they were received and how do young composers in the 21st century compose?

With “Labor Beethoven 2020”, the Akademie der Künste presents a contemporary reading of the Beethoven Anniversary focusing on experimentation. The festival condenses the musical and interdisciplinary results of the four-year artistic cooperation by young composers from Basel, Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki.

Together with historical and current experiments by Beethoven and Anton Reicha as well as the Novoflot opera company, electronic composer Marcus Schmickler, sound artist Werner Cee and Beethoven expert William Kinderman, a kaleidoscope of concerts, experiments in sound and perception, lecture performances and music theatre are to be staged. Original works by Beethoven will meet deconstructions and world premiere compositions. Mediated by the exhibition “Labor 1802– 2020” and discursive elements, the experimental spirit of the period around 1802 is linked to current issues in composing regarding space, instrumentation and form.

Complete Programme

A festival presented by the Music Section of the Akademie der Künste

Festival director: Julia Gerlach
Project manager Labor Beethoven: Sonia Lescene
Assistance: Safia Azzouni, Eleni Ralli

In collaboration with: Hochschule für Musik Basel, Universität Aristoteles Thessaloniki, Universität Tel Aviv, Universität der Künste Berlin, Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin,
die Musikwissenschaften der Universität Potsdam, Opernkompanie Novoflot

A project in the context of: BTHVN2020

12 — 18 Mar 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all upcoming events of “Labor Beethoven 2020” have been cancelled.

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