John Heartfield – Photography plus Dynamite “Montage of Attractions" – and Time Shifts

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In his very first film Strike (1925), Sergei Eisenstein elevates the “montage of attractions” to an aesthetic paradigm. Inspired by the Theatre du Grand Guignol, the circus and Cubism, and “full of whirl and scramble”, he experimented with superimpositions, fades and animal analogies in order to achieve maximum political effect. In his work, Heartfield explicitly referenced Eisenstein’s theories of montage. In a completely different manner, in his now classic photo film La Jetée (1962), Chris Marker tells the story of a journey through time in which past and present overlap.

The event is part of the programme accompanying the exhibition "John Heartfield – Photography plus Dynamite".

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020

6:30 pm



6:30 pm: La Jetée, Film by Chris Marker, F 1962, 26 min

8 pm: Strike, Film by Sergej Eisenstein, UdSSR 1925, 82 min

Piano: Jürgen Kurz

Lecture: Gusztáv Hámos, Naum Kleeman, Ulrich Gregor

In German

€ 6/4 / € 12/7

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the event has been cancelled.

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