urbainable – stadthaltig Sustainability in Construction – Greenwashing or Progress?


The title of the exhibition already alludes to the hypothesis that sustainability and the city cannot be seen in isolation from each other. It examines the role of the European city in a time of global warming, digitalisation, demographic change and the dissolution of traditional social networks, and seeks answers to the questions of whether the successful model of the “European city” is outdated or whether it is once again proving its adaptability and innovative power.

An installation consisting of photographs by Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk and research by the Institute of Urban Design and Planning at Leibniz University Hannover form the thematic introduction. The main section features 33 projects from the fields of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and urban planning by members of the Architecture Section and their guests. Common to all projects is the continuity of change and a commitment to the common good. Curators: Tim Rieniets, Matthias Sauerbruch, Jörn Walter.

At the end of the show, politicians and participants in the exhibition will discuss the wide-ranging topic of “Sustainability in Construction – Greenwashing or Progress?” with Matthias Sauerbruch, curator and director of the Architecture Section.

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2020

7 pm



Matthias Sauerbruch in conversation with Thomas Auer, Annette Gigon, Christian Kühn, Christine Lemaitre, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, Werner Sobek

In German

€ 6/4

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