Eva Horn. Photo: Helmut Grünbichler © Eva Horn

Heinrich Mann Prize 2020. Eva Horn

Award Ceremony

The Heinrich Mann Prize has been awarded to literary scholar and essayist Eva Horn, who teaches in Vienna. From the jury’s statement: “The Future as Catastrophe was the title of Eva Horn’s great essay on apocalyptic depictions. Since then, she has written many texts dealing with doomsday scenarios or the ‘imaginary tale of climate catastrophe’. All her essays combine the history of science with literature and art. She never loses sight of the political perspective. Her writing is political journalism”.

Friday, 4 Dec

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Rescheduled award ceremony

Laudatory address: Anselm Haverkamp

Acceptance speech by Eva Horn and discussion

In German

Free admission

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