transmediale 2021–22: abandon all hope ye who enter here


Referencing Dante’s Inferno, “abandon all hope ye who enter here” investigates the technological hellscapes and damage created by computational logics and extractive processes. Concluding transmediale’s year-long investigation into the socio-political agency of refusal, the exhibition traces the material, ecological, and ideological limits of refusal. From misanthropic narratives to the false promises of techno-solutionism, the exhibition confronts the realities constructed and mediated by technological and algorithmic forces. Reflecting on the modalities of power embedded in military-entertainment infrastructures that make up our everyday experiences and the aftermath of extraction, the works critique the nature of image production, consumption and technological infrastructures.


Further information on the exhibition and the participating artists: Transmediale abandon all hope ye who enter here

26 Jan — 18 Feb 2022

Tue – Sun 11 am – 7 pm
Opening 26.1., 6 pm – 12 am, free admission

With works by Annex, Ibiye Camp, Cihad Caner, Tianzhuo Chen, Stine Deja, Constant Dullaart, Lo-Def Film Factory, Alaa Mansour, The Underground Division 

€ 8/5

Guided tour: € 2


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