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POWER SPACE VIOLENCE Condition and Terrain

Film and Talk

Of overwriting places and inscribing political culture of memory: the starting point for Ute Adamczewski‘s documentary is the early concentration camps of the Nazi regime. Images of streets, homes and castles show places that, from 1933 onwards, became part of a network-like fascist infrastructure and later contested spaces for historical interpretive sovereignty and political legitimisation. After the film, the director will talk with the historian and Antisemitism researcher Wolfgang Benz.

Accompanying programme to the POWER SPACE VIOLENCE exhibition

Wednesday, 26 Apr

7 pm



Director: Ute Adamczewski, Germany 2019, 118 min.

Talk with Ute Adamczewski, Wolfgang Benz et al.

Moderation: Angelika Königseder

In German

€ 6/4