Baltic Sea Coast Western Pomerania, photo: © Salzgeber

Gehen und Bleiben

Film Screening

In the work of the writer Uwe Johnson, a memory of the landscapes of his childhood and youth in Pomerania and Mecklenburg always floats along with it. Volker Koepp follows the stages of life along the motifs to Sheerness. The film revolves around questions of origin and staying or leaving, thus spreads out a vast field of associations that takes the literary texts as an occasion to reopen Johnson for the present.

Sunday, 8 Oct

6 pm



Director: Volker Koepp, DoP: Uwe Mann, Germany 2023, 168 min

With Thomas Irmer, Peter Kurth, Dietrich Sagert, Erdmut Wizisla

In German

€ 6/4