Heinrich Mann Prize 2024 awarded to Lena Gorelik

Award Ceremony

The Heinrich Mann Prize 2024 goes to writer and essayist Lena Gorelik. From the jury’s statement: “The incorruptibility of her gaze, the transparent and stylistically refined weighing of arguments, a thoughtful tone that demands a stance without mere assertion, also feeds on the conviction that writing outside the present and its historical prior conditions is not possible.”

Welcome: Kathrin Röggla
Laudatory address: Carolin Emcke
Acceptance speech: Lena Gorelik
Reading: Eva Meckbach

Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

With Carolin Emcke, Lena Gorelik, Eva Meckbach, Kathrin Röggla

In German

Free admission