Luca Forcucci, Mpho Molikeng © Leon Krige

Oscillations. Cape Town – Berlin
Sonic Inquiries and Practices Opening Programme

Opening Event

In a two-year process, the project partners Akademie der Künste, Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape and Deutschlandfunk Kultur have created a space for exchange, residencies, collaboration and the creation of new works for the exhibition (27 April – 19 May) and the radio. The opening programme of the exhibition includes guided tours by the artists, talks, performances, DJ sets and more.


Friday, 26 Apr

7 pm, Foyer
Welcome address and introduction

Johanna M. Keller, Programme officer, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Heidi Grunebaum, Director of the Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town
Julia Gerlach, Secretary of the Music Section, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Marcus Gammel, Head of the Radio Drama Department, Editor of the “Klangkunst” Programme, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Starting at 7:15 pm
Exhibition opening with performances and special presentations of installations by the Oscillations artists:

7:15 – 10 pm Hall 1
Christina Kubisch: I LIKE TO LISTEN, Installation
Live mixing, On-site support: Paula Schopf

7:30 pm Hall 2
Nkosenathi Koela: Ikroza LesiNgqi, Installation, 15 min
Sound activation of the installation: Nkosenathi Koela et al.

7:30 & 8:30 pm Hall 3
Zara Julius: death is part of the process ..., Installation, 26.10 min

8 & 8:45 pm Exhibition Foyer
Neo Muyanga: conFUSING TAPEStries, Interactive radio installation, 15 min
Live feed: Neo Muyanga and audience / Silent disco headphones are required to listen

8 & 9 pm Hall 3
Kirsten Reese: Rediviva intermixta, Installation, 27 min

8:15 pm Hall 1
Mpho Molikeng: Baramoraba – Moraba-Raba, Interactive installation, 10 min
Live game performance: Mpho Molikeng and audience

Starting at 9 pm
DJ set Robert Machiri in the Studio Foyer


Saturday, 27 Apr

Starting at 2 pm
Exhibiton tours and talks with the Oscillations artists:

2 pm Exhibtion tour 1
With Muhammad Dawjee, Kirsten Reese, Zara Julius, Gabi Motuba, Garth Erasmus
Moderation: Julia Gerlach

3:30 pm Studio Foyer Reflection 1
With the Oscillations artists and curator Nida Ghouse as guest
Moderation: Aidan Erasmus / Valmont Layne

5 pm Exhibtion tour 2
With Nkosenathi Koela, Christina Kubisch, Mpho Molikeng, Neo Muyanga, Denise Onen
Moderation: Lee Walters

6:30 pm Studio Foyer Reflection 2
With the Oscillations artists
Moderation: Marcus Gammel / Heidi Grunebaum

Starting at 8:30 pm
Performance and concert in the Studio Foyer
Steloolive: Solo performance
Luca Forcucci & Mpho Molikeng: Improvisation with indigenous instruments and live electronic music

Oscillations Jam Session: Muhammad Dawjee (saxophone), Neo Muyanga (guitar), Mpho Molikeng (South African instruments), Kirsten Reese (electronics), Garth Erasmus (South African instruments, voice)

10 pm
DJ set KillaDuJour


Monday, 29 Apr
8 pm Silent Green, Kuppelhalle
Concert with Garth Erasmus (Oscillations artist), Peter Thiessen, Ruth May and So Sner (Susanna Gartmayer, Stefan Schneider)
Info and tickets

Robert Machiri


26 — 27 Apr

Fri 26 Apr
7 pm, Foyer
Welcome address and introduction
With Johanna M. Keller, Heidi Grunebaum, Julia Gerlach, Marcus Gammel

Starting at 7:15 pm
Presentations and performances by the Oscillations artists

9 pm, Studio Foyer
DJ set Robert Machiri

Eintritt frei

Sat 27 Apr
2 & 5 pm
Exhibiton tours with the Oscillations artists
Free admission with exhibition ticket

3:30 & 6:30 pm
Talks with the Oscillation artists
Free admission with exhibition ticket

8:30 pm, Studio Foyer
Performance / concert
With Steloolive, Luca Forcucci, Mpho Molikeng, Muhammad Dawjee, Neo Muyanga, Kirsten Reese, Garth Erasmus

10 pm
DJ set KillaDuJour

€ 13/7
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Mon 29 Apr
8 pm, Silent Green, Kuppelhalle
Concert: Garth Erasmus and Guests + So Sner
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