Uncertain States Think About…

World Premiere

Koffi Kôkô is a dancer and choreographer; Floros Floridis a musician and composer. The artistic language of the former comes from ritual; that of the latter from improvised sound. One was socialized in West Africa and France; the other in Greece and the UK. For one of them animism led the way; for the other it was the path of aesthetic resistance. Both seek the challenge of an undefined space, the risk of an open encounter, the surprise. Dictatorship and colonialism were the political frameworks to which both artists reacted through their own languages.

Koffi Kôkô’s initiation into the ritual of animistic Voodoo parallel to his French education was his strongest form of social and cultural resistance against Western colonisation. And in the dark years under the Greek military dictatorship (1967–74) in the early 1970s, Floros Floridis developed his aesthetic opposition to populist folklore through radical improvisation.

Lecture Demonstraion: Tuesday, 13 December, 5 pm

Further performance: Saturday, 17 December, 8 pm

Friday, 16 Dec 2016

8 pm



Choreography: Koffi Kôkô
Music: Floros Floridis
Light and stage design: Siegfried Paul

With Koffi Kôkô (dance) and Floros Floridis (sax, clarinet, electronics)

€ 10/8

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