By-Products of Love. Verrückt bleiben, verliebt bleiben

Film Screening

Torsten Holzapfel is 31 years old, amiable, original and talented. He paints, acts in theatre, and loves to ride the subway. As a child he was abused by his parents who shut him in a small dark room. He was then committed to a psychiatric institute, where his humiliation continued. The film tells the story of a modern-day Kaspar Hauser who succeeds in liberating himself from the
clutches of mental immaturity.

Documentary, D 1997, 89 min.
Director: Elfi Mikesch
Editor: Heide Breitel

Cornelia Klauß talks with Torsten Holzapfel, Gerd Hartmann (Theater Thikwa)

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018

6 pm



Film by Elfi Mikesch

Talks: Torsten Holzapfel, Thomas Plenert, Frieder Schlaich

In German

€ 6/4


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