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Director Helke Sander presents a series of films made by women around the year 1968, which address the appropriation of one's own body and person in the broadest sense. For the first time women became more than just an eye-catching focus of moving images: Instead, they looked back and into themselves, adding new forms of knowledge to the old. There is an astonishing wealth of works from these years, of which only a small portion can be shown on this film evening. The women who reached for their movie cameras back then – 8 mm and 16 mm, to make the first videos – were carefree and incredibly eager to experiment. They were genuine pioneers; occupying new areas that affected both form and content. Traces of these years of new beginnings are still visible today. They continue to develop questions that were repeatedly raised at that time, leaving imprints in all forms of art. There will be a few directors present at the screening.


6 pm
Cut Piece
Performance by Yoko Ono, USA 1965, 8 min.
Yoko Ono gave this performance for the first time in Japan in 1964, where she sits on the stage and asks the audience to cut off her clothes...

Short film, directed by Christiane Gehner, Germany 1970, 10 min.
A television announcer breaks out of her routine. She tells us what is really happening in the world; reporting news that sets something in motion.

Short experimental film, directed by/screenplay by Claudia von Alemann, Germany 1966
Objects, places and the usability of things, arranged in a new order.

Animation, directed by Maria Lassnig, Austria / USA 1971, 5 Min.
Maria Lassnig quirkily sings about her life so far, her dreams and her eternal quest for a male better half.

Im Prinzip haben wir nichts gegen Mädchen
Directed by Riki Kalbe, Theodor Kondring, Günter Stallmann, Germany 1975, 16 min.
Manuela seeks an apprenticeship as a painter, but in vain. In conversation she talks about her experience at the German employment office and her job search.

Miniature, directed by Ula Stöckl, Germany 1964, 1'30 min.
Preparation of large quantities of patato salad.

Directed by Helke Sander, Germany 1966, 4 min.
A woman and two men at a bus stop, each of whom is filmed from a subjective camera view, mimicking the perspective of each person's thoughts about the others. "My problem was figuring out what I should cut when only a subjective view exists." (H. Sander).

Feature film, directed by Elsa Rassbach, Germany 1972, 22 min.
In her book Erinnerungen an Lenin (Memories of Lenin) Clara Zetkin described a conversation with Vladimir Lenin in 1920. This conversation is faithfully reproduced in the film.

9 pm
Directed by Niki de Saint Phalle, Peter Whitehead, Germany 1973, 83 min., OV
Niki de Saint Phalle, known for her Nana sculptures, makes a cinematic confession that takes the form of an explosion of images, in which the painter and artist reflects on blasphemous phantasies as well as her relationship to her father and to men in general.

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018

6 pm



Films and videos by women around 1968, including Claudia von Alemann, Maria Lassnig, Niki de Saint Phalle, Yoko Ono et al.

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