1938 Pogrom In the Country of My Parents

Film and Talk

"Had it not been for Hitler, I would have been born a German-Jewish child, more German than Jewish, in a small village in the South of Germany. But as it happened, I was born in Argentina, my mothertongue is Spanish. I came to Germany 17 years ago."

It is here, where author and director Jeanine Meerapfel starts searching for her own Jewish identity, being confronted time and time again with Federal Republic reality. At the same time she is not interested in a journalistic survey, statistics and politics but her own situation in life, full of doubts and fears, including Germany as such and others concerned.

Same as in her first feature-film "Malou", Jeanine Meerapfel examines – apart from the subjective aspects of the problem – what it means to live as a Jewess in this country, to which a friend, when asked said: "There are far worse things happening today than to be a Jewess in Germany." The film doesn't offer ready-made answers, it rather puts open questions.

Im Land meiner Eltern
Colour, DCP
Script and direction: Jeanine Meerapfel
Camera: Peter Schäfer
Editing: Heidi Murero
Music: Jakob Lichtmann
Producer: WDR

Friday, 9 Nov 2018

9:30 am



Documentary by Jeanine Meerapfel, Germany 1981, 88 min.

Film and talk with Jeanine Meerapfel and school classes, grade 10+

Film In German with English subtitles; talk in German

Free admission

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