Wo kommen wir hin. Hermann Bohlen: Alfred C. –
Aus dem Leben eines Getreidehändlers

Radio Play and Discussion

Entrepreneur and founder Alfred C. Töpfer died in 1993 at the age of almost a hundred. However, the fact that he went along with National Socialism, his active support of power and the considerable profit that his companies owed to their boss's attitude only came to light after his death.

So when radio play writer Hermann Bohlen takes on this character and the story of his life, this is not done with the furore of a whistle blower, but rather with an artful and at the same time unbridled curiosity to eavesdrop on something that had not been heard before from this existence.

Bohlen allows his narrator to penetrate the rooms of Hamburg's Töpfer Foundation at night, to loosen the tongue of this larger-than-life dead man in the literary sense. Andimmediately this grain merchant, Alfred C., prattles on, blusters, dictates and decrees with a self-assured lack of inhibition. We listen to the life of a German man – from the Wandervogel youth movement to the master race, from a young lad on the heath to one of the most significant patrons.


Production; Deutschlandradio Kultur/HR
56:30 min
Directors: Judith Lorentz and Hermann Bohlen
With Hermann Bohlen (as narrator), Harald Halgardt

Sunday, 2 Jun 2019

7 pm



Radio play by Hermann Bohlen

Directors: Judith Lorentz and Hermann Bohlen

Followed by a discussion with Hermann Bohlen, Judith Lorentz and Georg Toepfer

Moderation: Eckhard Roelcke

In German

€ 5/3