Wo kommen wir hin Topias of the Now


All are in motion: Stefan Kraus, director of Kolumba Art Museum in Cologne, Vodun priest and choreographer Koffi Kôkô and composer Manos Tsangaris. Together they examine current topias that can form an alternative to the non- and un-places (utopias) of the occidental world. What does it mean when we devote ourselves with all due care to questions of place and time and to worlds of others? And what is the role of institutions in this process? Are they catalysts for and stabilisers of the necessary social transformations?

This evening is part of "Wo kommen wir hin".

Friday, 29 Mar 2019

7 pm


Hall 2

Discussion and performance with Koffi Kôkô, Stefan Kraus, Manos Tsangaris

In English

€ 5/3

Further information

www.wokommenwirhin.de (in German)