Mein Ueckermünde

Book Presentation

113 children from the “Ehm Welk” Regional School in Ueckermünde explored their town for a week in March and recorded their discoveries in photos, pictures, films, sounds and animations, writing stories and drawing fictitious town maps. Artists supported the fifth graders. The result is an alternative city guide that goes beyond the classic book format to include acoustic and cinematic elements.

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2023

11 am

Regionale Schule „Ehm Welk“, Aula
Ueckerstraße 59
17373 Ueckermünde

With pupils from Ueckermünde, Ute Gallmeister, Rolf Giegold, Nataša von Kopp, Friederike Meese, Benjamin Scheuer, Anna Weidenholzer, Lukas Zerbst

In German

Free admission

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