Slatan Dudow: … und wer wird die Welt verändern?

Book Release, Archive Opening, Film

Slatan Dudow (1903–1963) was long regarded as the “founder of socialist film” in the GDR for his film Kuhle Wampe (1932). The recently published book scrutinises this nimbus. The Slatan Dudow Archive, which is now being opened, has been analysed for the first time. The 2021 newly reconstructed version of Dudow’s last, unfinished film Christine (1963) will have its world premiere.

Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt, Director of the Archives of the Akademie der Künste

Introduction: Stefanie Eckert, Managing Director DEFA Stiftung

Film presentation: Ralf Dittrich, responsible for the reconstructed version

In cooperation with DEFA Stiftung



… und wer wird die Welt verändern? Slatan Dudow. Annäherungen an einen politischen Regisseur

Published by René Pikarski, Nicky Rittmeyer, Ralf Schenk
Bertz + Fischer, Berlin, 700 pages, 125 pictures
ISBN 978-3865054258
€ 43

Tuesday, 16 Apr 2024

7 pm



With Werner Heegewaldt, Stefanie Eckert, Ralf Dittrich

Cooperation: DEFA Stiftung

In German

€ 6/4

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