Crossings – Anna Seghers’ travels to Brazil and her friendship with Jorge Amado

Guided Tour

Anna Seghers and the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado had a special friendship ever since they met in Wroclaw in 1948. An intensive exchange of letters and mutual visits in the decades that followed bear witness to this. Anna Seghers’ journeys to Brazil in 1961 and 1963 are reflected literarily in the story Crossing. In it, the Atlantic crossing becomes a space for reflection on life-long themes such as returning home from emigration, mediating between different worlds and life transitions marked by hopes and disappointments.

The Anna Seghers Museum in Berlin Adlershof preserves this writer’s home and study as it was during her lifetime, and presents a permanent showcase exhibition on her life and work. The Museums original furnishings include Anna Seghers’ extensive private library and many personal mementoes.

In addition to the regular guided tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Anna Seghers Museum offers themed tours.

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2023

2 pm

Anna-Seghers-Str. 81
12489 Berlin


In German

 € 4/2

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