Daniel Chodowiecki Foundation

Daniel Chodowiecki Prize for Polish Drawing and Graphic Design

In 1992 Günter Grass founded the Daniel Chodowiecki Foundation. Its aim is the promotion of promoting German-Polish cultural relations, particularly by maintaining the cooperation between artists from Poland and Germany. The Foundation, based in the Akademie der Künste, awards the Daniel Chodowiecki Prize for Polish Drawing and Graphic Design. The prize has a value of 5,000 Euros. The laureate is determined by an international jury composed of dignitaries from the cultural life in Germany and Poland. The award was named after the illustrator and etcher Daniel Chodowiecki (1726 - 1801), who was of Polish and French ancestry, was born in Gdansk, and for a long time possessed Prussian nationality. He was also Director of the Royal Prussian Akademie der Künste for many years. He made a name for himself not only as an illustrator, but also as a key figure of the Enlightenment, acting at the intersection of tradition and culture of many nations.