Busoni Composition Prize

The Busoni Composition Prize was donated by Aribert Reimann in 1988 and is awarded every two to three years to young composers not yet known to the public. The award, amounting to 6,000 Euros, enables the Akademie der Künste to promote young compositional talent. In addition, a prize in the value of 2,500 Euros has been awarded since 1992 to composers still undergoing training. The laureates are determined by a members’ jury.

Ludger Brümmer, juror and Academy member of the Music section; Igor Santos, laureate of the Busoni Composition Prize 2021; Elias Jurgschat, laureate of the Busoni Sponsorship Award 2021; Nele Hertling, Director of the Performance Arts Section (from left to right)

Hovik Sardaryan, laureate of the Busoni Sponsorship Award 2019; Aribert Reimann, founder of the Busoni Composition Prize; Hanna Eimermacher, laureate of the Busoni Composition Prize 2019; Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Deputy Director of the Music Section (from left to right)

Benjamin Scheuer, laureate of the Busoni Composition Prize 2017

Óscar Escudero, winner of the 2017 Busoni Sponsorship Award


1988     Stefan Carow
1990     Ludger Brümmer
1992     Jörg Birkenkötter
1994     Isabel Mundry
1996     Pierluigi Billone
1999     Orm Finnendahl
2002     Enno Poppe
2005     Michael Hirsch
2008     Eun-Hwa Cho
2011     Michael Pelzel
2013     Sarah Nemtsov
2015     Ashley Fure
2017     Benjamin Scheuer
2019     Hanna Eimermacher
2021     Igor Santos

Sponsorship Award

1992     Alexander Stankovski
1994     Rebecca Saunders
1996     Sebastian Stier
1999     Kilian Schwoon
2002     Daniel Smutny
2005     Philipp Blume
2008     Annesley Black
2011     Tristan Brookes
2013     Lisa Streich
2015     Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari
2017     Óscar Escudero
2019     Hovik Sardaryan
2021     Elias Jurgschat