O.E. Hasse Foundation/ O.E. Hasse Prize

The O.E. Hasse Foundation, which is maintained by the Akademie der Künste, has awarded the O.E. Hasse Prize since 1981. The Academy thereby fulfils the legacy of the stage and film actor Otto Eduard Hasse (1903 - 1978), who had provided an amount of money for prizes to promote young talent. The prize has a value of 5,000 Euros and is awarded (on an alternating basis) to students of the Berlin “Ernst Busch” Hochschule für Schauspielkunst (Academy for Dramatic Art) and the Munich Otto Falckenberg Academy, in order to support and encourage outstanding talent. From 1981 to 1989 the prize was awarded annually, then every two years, and since 2003 again on an annual basis.

The selection commission for the award comprises members of the Foundation’s Board. The board includes the Chairman Klaus Missbach (Vienna) as well as Jossi Wieler (Berlin), Klaus Völker (Berlin) and André Jung (Luxembourg), who are also members of the Performing Art Section of the Akademie der Künste.

Laureate 2022

The O.E. Hasse Prize for 2022 goes to Jakob Gühring, student of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, Berlin.

News article from 26 October 2022 (in German)



1981       Maria Hartmann 
               Beat Knoll
1982       Thomas Schulze 
               Christoph Waltz
1983       Irene Clarin 
               Sona McDonald
               Nina Jensen (Stipendium)
               Christin Eliza Marquitan (Stipendium)
1984       Corinna Kirchhoff
               Hans Piesbergen
               Helmut Zhuber
1985       Ulrich Tukur
1986       Anne Bennent 
               Jochen Horst
1987       Susanne Lothar
               Graciela Araya
1988       Robert Eder
               Michael Weber
1989       Sara Capretti
               Cornelius Obonya
1990/91  Regina Fritsch
               Ulrich Matthes
1992/93  Katharina von Bock
               Johannes von Duisburg
               Tatjana Orlob (Stipendium)
               Sebastian Bluth (Stipendium)
               Pascal-André Lalo (Stipendium)
               Jorge Morro (Stipendium)
1994/95  Friederike Meinel
               Christian Baumgärtel
               Michael Rotschopf
1996/97  Christiane Libor
               Thomas Schmauser
               Nikolaus Selimov
1998/99  August Diehl
               Bettina Stucky
               Oliver Mallison
2003       Judith Strößenreuter
2004       Danny Exnar
2005       Alexander Fehling
2006       Lukas Turtur
2007       Henrike Jörissen
2008       Simon Kirsch
2009       Lucie Heinze
2010       Peter Fasching
2011       Maximilian Jaenisch
2012       Anna Drexler
2014       Marcel Kohler
2015       Merlin Sandmeyer
2016       Joshua Jaco Seelenbinder
2017       William Bartley Cooper
2018       Noah Saavedra
2019       Julia Windischbauer
2020       Emma Lotta Wegner and Alexander Wertmann
2021       Rasmus Friedrich
2022       Jakob Gühring