Uncertain States Before the war, it was the war. After the war, it is still the war.

Sound Installation

During the 2006 Lebanon War, Beirut-based visual artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj started making sketches and audio recordings to try and show – and understand – the war from a personal perspective. The sound material is unsettling and fragile: ordinary soundscapes, TV news, songs on the radio and private phone conversations, repeatedly disrupted by bomb blasts and fighter planes, and at points accompanied by the artist playing the trumpet. The result is an intimate in situ sound installation for the tenth anniversary of this war, now presented in a studio apartment at the Akademie der Künste.

A coproduction by MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2016 and the Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), presented in the Akademie der Künste by the Akademie der Künste’s Studio for Electroacoustic Music in cooperation with the DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme

23 Nov — 4 Dec 2016



In-situ sound installation (2016)

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