Uncertain States Theodor W. Adorno: "Europa nach der Emigration"

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A radio discussion broadcast by the Hessische Rundfunk on 29 January 1958 was entitled "Europa nach der Emigration. Erfahrungen der Zurückgekehrten" (Europe after Emigration. The Experience of Returnees). In the talk led by Adolf Frisé, Theodor W. Adorno and Erika Mann covered a range of topics including their return from exile in the United States, the familiar images of home, and their experiences in post-war Europe – as well as roast venison with cream sauce and the echoes of a Paris pavement.

For a long time the TV discussion between Adorno and Hans Otte recorded for Radio Bremen on 4 May 1966 was thought to have been lost. This is regarded as Adorno’s most personal television broadcast. In it, he talks of his early musical influences, his lessons with Alban Berg – as well as the "fear of Schönberg" – and his work as a composer. Recently, the TV recording was found in the archive. Now, fifty years on, it is being shown publicly again for the first time.

Detailed information:
Theodor W. Adorno, Erika Mann and Adolf Frisé (host): "Europa nach der Emigration. Erfahrungen der Zurückgekehrten. Rundfunk-Gespräch 1957" (Hessischer Rundfunk, radio broadcast: 29 January 1958, 68’31’’)

Theodor W. Adorno and Hans Otte, TV-Talk 1966 (Radio Bremen, radio broadcast 18 March 1967, 28’26’’)

6 December, 7 pm: Concert and Reading "Adorno. Compositions in Exile"

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Theodor W.Adorno, Erika Mann, Adolf Frisé, 1957; Theodor W. Adorno, Hans Otte, 1966

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