Benjamin and Brecht.
Thinking in Extremes
Never-Ending Crisis

Closing Event

The relationship between Walter Benjamin (1892– 1940) and Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956) was an unusual one. Despite their different backgrounds and influences, the critic and the poet became close during the Weimar Republic. They discussed fundamental issues of art and politics in a way that is excitingly provocative and still relevant today. During their years of exile, they became trusted friends. The exhibition shows the topicality of this friendship, its historically documented aspects, resonances from friends and enemies, and moments of reception in ideas and art.

The celebrations to close the exhibition begin with a theatrical experiment. Krise ist immer is a re-enactment of the recorded discussions about the journal Krise und Kritik. With Eva Löbau and Tilman Strauß (acting), Peter Thiessen (music), Sabine Kohlstedt (set) and Friederike Heller (director).

Students from the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art under the direction of Kerstin Hensel invite guests to theatrical tours through the exhibition.

This is followed by music from Matthias Bauer (contrabass) and Floros Floridis (clarinet/saxophone).

The exhibition is open until midnight.

Saturday, 27 Jan 2018

8 pm



Theatrical experiment

Music, tours, exhibition until midnight

In German

€ 13/7
with exhibition € 17/10


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000