Heinrich-Mann-Preis 2018 an
Christian Bommarius

Award Ceremony

Author and journalist Christian Bommarius is awarded the Heinrich Mann Prize 2018. According to the statement of the jury, consisting of Steffen Martus, Gustav Seibt and Gisela von Wysocki: "Christian Bommarius' essayistic energy is aimed at the seductive power of simple diagnoses and seemingly basic solutions, as well as those aggressive polemics that threaten an argument. Backed by the cool eye of a savvy legal observer, his comments bring sobriety to hysterical debates while simultaneously objecting to a lack of compassion." Laudatory address: Heribert Prantl.

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Laudatory address: Heribert Prantl

Laureat's acceptance speech

Reading: Hanns Zischler

In German

Free admission