Underground and Improvisation: ausgestellt und aufgeführt


The curators of the two exhibitions "Notes from the Underground. Alternative Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1968 – 1994" and "Free Music Production / FMP: The Living Music", and the programme of music and discourse – will meet Akademie members Birgit Hein (Deputy Director of Visual Arts) and Manos Tsangaris (Deputy Director of Music) to discuss the complex relationships between experimental and improvised music, and the strategies of the visual arts in relation to the art scenes in the East and in the West during the Cold War. How can these developments be reflected from today's perspective, and how do these relationships affect contemporary art?

Thursday, 15 Mar 2018

6 pm


Hall 2

Panel: David Crowley, Daniel Muzyczuk, Markus Müller, Louis Rastig, Angela Lammert

Moderation: Birgit Hein, Manos Tsangaris

In German and English

Admission with exhibition ticket


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