By-Products of Love. Rosakinder (Rosa and his Children)


Rosakinder is the title of a documentary from 2012, in which five directors look back on how they became involved in the film business. However different they are, Rosa von Praunheim is the central figure, the connecting link between the five, all of whom found inspiration in his provocative, unorthodox manner, his indefatigably direct questions directed at life and art itself. They are compatriots by choice, although their interaction is not always harmonious:

Tom Tykwer, the established one who just recently has recorded a sensational international hit with the series Babylon Berlin; Julia von Heinz, who with films like Hanni und Nanni has been just as successful as with Ich bin dann mal weg; Axel Ranisch, who prefers to work with lay actors and leave space to play with improvisation; and Robert Thalheim, who attempts to walk the tightrope between independent and mainstream with films as varied as Netto, Eltern and Kundschafter des Friedens. Together with Chris Krauß, they made this film in 2012 as a gift for Rosa. As part of the exhibition, Rosa is inviting them for a talk about now and then.

Sunday, 3 Jun 2018

4 pm

Pariser Platz


With Tom Tykwer, Axel Ranisch, Robert Thalheim, Julia v. Heinz

In German

Free admission