By-Products of Love. Werner Schroeter on Set


The transsexual Zazie de Paris is now famous and occasionally turns up in Tatort. But the earliest days of her film career were closely associated with Werner Schroeter (e.g. Two, 2002) and Wieland Speck (Das Geräusch rascher Erlösung, 1983 and Westler, 1985). Both of them knew Werner Schroeter for a very long time, in a professional and private capacity, as a complex artistic personality who did not shy away from extremes.

Claudia Lenssen talks with Wieland Speck (curator, filmmaker) und Zazie de Paris (actress).

Saturday, 9 Jun 2018

4 pm

Pariser Platz


Claudia Lenssen talks with Wieland Speck and Zazie de Paris

In German

Free admission