By-Products of Love. Berlin Improvisers Orchestra


The orchestra, founded in 2010, consists of a fixed ensemble and guest musicians from all over the world, who change from concert to concert. Each concert is unrehearsed and composed in realtime, played in pure improvisation. The music can be described as beyond jazz and as New Music. The musicians themselves often simply see it as „music of the future" or „theatrical music".

Elfi Mikesch and Wolfgang Georgsdorf have been friends for a long time, connected by their instinctive trust in coincidence and spontaneity. It is thanks to the energy of Wolfgang Georgsdorf that 20 musicians from all over the world are coming together for a musical happening. Invited to do so by Elfi Mikesch, he has designed a one-hour orchestra set for the exhibition By-Products of Love: joining in a procession with the audience, some of the orchestra will meander through the house, from the ground floor to the top level, where they will encounter the other part to perform a concert that will be audible across the entire Pariser Platz.

Alison Blunt, Wolfgang Georgsdorf and Gerhard Übele (Violin), Dietrich Petzold (Viola), Hui-Chun Lin and Tristan Honsinger (Cello), Manuel Miethe (Soprano Saxophone), Anna Kaluza and Robert Würz (Alto Saxophone), Henrik Walsdorff and Ricardo Tejero (Tenor Saxophone), Abigail Sanders (French Horn), Nikolaus Neuser (Trumpet), Gerhard Gschlössl (Trombone), Emilio Gordoa (Vibraphone), Hannes Buder (Electric Guitar), Niko Meinhold (Guzheng, Piano, Accordion), Tommaso Vespo (Piano, Toys), Horst Nonnenmacher, Ulf Mengersen, Jan Roder, Stephan Bleier and Klaus Kürvers (Double Bass), Kay Lübke, Willi Kellers and Yorgos Dimitriadis (Drums)

Sunday, 17 Jun 2018

4 pm

Pariser Platz


Under the direction of Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Welcome: Elfi Mikesch

In German

Free admission