By-Products of Love. Palermo oder Wolfsburg

Film and Talk

Nicola, a young unemployed Sicilian, decides like many Italians to go to Germany in search of a better life. Instead, he encounters foreignness, indifference, and a language he doesn't understand. He finds a job at VW in Wolfsburg and also falls in love with the blonde Brigitte, but she just uses him to regain the attentions of her unfaithful German male friends. Nicola kills the men out of jealousy. The trial becomes a stage on which two cultures clash. The modern Passion of a lonley and voiceless individual leads from archaic Sicily to the dreary industrial city of Wolfsburg, and to cartharsis.

Director: Werner Schroeter
DoP: Thomas Mauch
with Nicola Zarbo, Ida Di Benedetto, Otto Sander, Magdalena Montezuma
D/CH 1980, 180 Min.

Claudia Lenssen talks with Thomas Mauch (DoP, producer), Harry Baer (actor), Dietrich Kuhlbrodt (Prosecutor, actor, critic)

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018

7 pm



Film by Werner Schroeter, D 1980, 170 Min.

Talk with Thomas Mauch, Harry Baer, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Claudia Lenssen

In German

€ 6/4


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