By-Products of Love. Mondo Lux – Die Bilderwelten des Werner Schroeter

Film and Talk

Elfi Mikesch was the woman behind the camera on some of Werner Schroeter's most important films. She understood how to distill the aura of Schroeter's visions into powerful imagery. When Schroeter learned he had cancer in 2006, during the production of Schönheit der Schatten, Elfi Mikesch decided to accompany and chronicle his experience with her camera. A race against time began as Schroeter fought his illness with art and an immense mania for work. In his four remaining years, he staged productions for theatre, prepared a photo exhibition, and finished the feature film Diese Nacht. Elfi Mikesch commemorates Schroeter with a tribute that celebrates his love of life and art.

Director: Elfi Mikesch
With Werner Schroeter, Almut Zilcher, Isabelle Huppert, Rosa von Praunheim, Monika Keppler, Wim Wenders, Alberte Barsacq, Peter Kern, Ingrid Caven, Wolf Wondratschek
D 2011, 97 min.

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018

8 pm



Film by Elfi Mikesch

Talks: Torsten Holzapfel, Thomas Plenert, Frieder Schlaich, Claudia Lenssen

In German

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