1938 Pogrom The Face in the Crowd

Photo Preview

Together with Astrid Köppe, Michael Ruetz set out on a search for traces. For their book Pogrom 1938. Das Gesicht in der Menge (1938 Pogrom. The Face in the Crowd) they collected and pieced together image documents and eyewitness reports from 9 November 1938 taken from countless archives. The photographs show crowds of people as well as individuals, including perpetrators, followers and observers.

"In unparalleled thoroughness, the book Pogrom 1938. Das Gesicht in der Menge presents a concept of how such a breakdown of civilization was possible in 1938. Even though this country was considered to be cultured in Kant and Herder, Goethe, Bach, as well as Brecht, it abrogated all dams of morality and civility." (Michael Ruetz)

Some of the photographs in the book are on display in the Max-Liebermann-Saal.

This project was made possible by the kind support of the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Akademie der Künste and a private sponsor.

7 — 11 Nov 2018

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Max Liebermann Hall

Selected photos from the publication by Michael Ruetz and Astrid Köppe

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