100 Years of Bauhaus Signalraum.Unikate II


The BEST PRACTICE closing concert consists of three independently functioning concerts of standalone musical personalities, who are nevertheless connected with one another and with the holistic idea of BEST PRACTICE.



Annette Krebs
8:30 pm

Annette Krebs has been developing "electro-acoustic assemblies" since 2013. Firstly she realises abstract sound visions here, whereby the transition from sound to pure noise is fluent. She also constructs sound bodies, from which she generates the starting material for new solo compositions using microphones with a very high degree of amplification and special software. At the centre of her musical research is on one hand the synaesthetic (visual, spatial, tactile and sensual) perception of sound, but also the microscopic discovery of the musical material.


VOCAL SPACE LINES for voice and strophonion with four loudspeakers
Alex Nowitz
9:15 pm

Alex Nowitz is a composer of vocal and chamber music, electroacoustic music and pieces for music, dance and spoken theatre. He is also a singer (countertenor), whistling and vocal artist presenting a wide spectrum of extended vocal techniques. Playing his live electronic instrument, the Strophonion developed at Steim in Amsterdam, he's able to immediately reproduce his own voice in a modified way by applying movements. "Vocal Space Lines" is inspired by Oscar Schlemmer's claim for an increased awareness about performing in and playing with the space.


Marek Choloniewski and Horst Konietzny featuring Dine Doneff
10 pm

The composer and experimental musician Marek Choloniewski is head of the department of electro-acoustic music at the Academy of Music in Krakow. The results of the Blind Date encounters become sound with the aid of his technique for converting brain waves into sound.

All Sounds Considered (ASC)
Goran Vejvoda & Florence Müller
11 pm
All Sounds Considered (ASC) investigates the relationship between sound and silence. The film wanders through some of the most fascinating and astonishing sound landscapes. Sound artist Goran Vejvoda and curator Florence Müller listen here with great sensitivity to the artists and players of this genre, which means all those who deal with artistic, technical or natural sounds and produce fascinating compositions and contemporary sound structures from them.

Concept, Direction: Horst Konietzny www.reframes.de

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

8:30 pm


Hall 1

With Konstruktion#3, Vocal Space Lines für Stimme und Strophonion, Sound of Brain/Matchpoint 4

€ 15/10


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