50 Years of Future

Archive Opening

GRIPS Theater is turning 50! This marks the 50-year struggle for the rights of children, always fuelled by a belief that the world can be changed and that a young audience needs to be made stronger today for tomorrow.

It’s plenty of reason to celebrate an anniversary book and the Akademie's acquisition of the GRIPS archives. The Millibillies will play hits from five decades. Excerpts from the production NASSER #7Leben will be shown. Rüdiger Schaper will moderate a discussion with Milena Baisch, Philipp Harpain, Volker Ludwig, Robert Neumann, Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen, Ilona Schulz, et al. Welcome: Werner Heegewaldt.

Sunday, 28 Apr 2019

11 am

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Archive opening and book presentation with Milena Baisch, Philipp Harpain, Werner Heegewaldt, Volker Ludwig, Robert Neumann, Rüdiger Schaper, Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen, Ilona Schulz, et al.

In German

€ 6/4