Opening Event

As the final presentations of their 2018 fellowships, 15 international artists from all six sections of the Akademie participate in AGORA ARTES with select works. Diverse media and experimental approaches illustrate the variety of the artistic positions promoted. These include interactive installations, performances, video, literature and composition dealing with themes about homeland and identity, deepfakes and truth regimes, what it means to be a historical witness, as well as experiences of war and exile.

With the fellows Ramy Al-Asheq, Adisa Bašić, cylixe, Mirkan Deniz, Stefanie Heim, Susann Maria Hempel, Alicia Hernanz, Alexander Khubeev, Yorgos Loizos, Kleopatra Markou, Lynn Takeo Musiol, Mithatcan Öcal, Marina Poleukhina, Ambra Viviani, Martina Wegener.


Opening programme

6:30 pm / Studio
Welcome and Introduction
Kathrin Röggla (Vice President Akademie der Künste) and Clara Herrmann (Head of the Junge Akademie)

6:45 pm / Studio
Huis Clos V
Istanbul Composers Collective
Improvisation performance with synthesizers, electronics and live video

7:10 pm / Studiofoyer
لم ینتبھ أحد لموتك
"[Niemand bemerkte deinen Tod – No One Noticed When You Died]"
Ramy Al-Asheq, Abeer Farhoud, Maya Omaia Keesh
Interdisciplinary performance

7:40 pm / Halle 2
Tactile Illusions
Alexander Khubeev and A&C String Quartet
Music performance

7:50 pm / Halle 2
Becoming an Expression
Marina Poleuhkina
Performance, interactive score

from 8 pm / Halle 2
Opening exhibition space
With works by: Adisa Bašić, cylixe, Mirkan Deniz, Stefanie Heim, Alicia Hernanz, Yorgos Loizos, Lynn Musiol, Marina Poleukhina, Ambra Viviani, and Martina Wegener.

from 8 pm, every 15 min / Halle 2
Lynn Takeo Musiol, Jona Aulepp and Anna Mattes
Performance in theatrical installation

9:30 pm / Halle 2
Schwarzes Kästchen
Kleopatra Markou
A monologue, performance

From 10 pm / Foyer OG
Bar and DJ-Set
DJ: Ella Zwietnig (UMA)

Saturday, 4 May 2019

6:30 pm


Exhibition opening, performances, concerts

In German and English

Free admission