JUNGE AKADEMIE in the HBKsaar Gallery


The Saarland Fellowship has been awarded by the Akademie der Künste, Berlin since 2001 – every two years since 2014. This fellowship is a component of the JUNGE AKADEMIE and represents the stimulating artistic exchange between Saarland and Berlin. Its aim is to foster work contacts between young artists of the JUNGE AKADEMIE as well as between the various disciplines of art.

This is reflected again in the third exhibition produced in cooperation between the Akademie, the HBKsaar, and the Saarländische Galerie in Berlin, in which artists in the fields of visual arts, music, and performing arts collaborate, in keeping with the interdisciplinary structure at the Akademie. Arnold Dreyblatt, member of the Visual Arts Section, is responsible for this time-tested funding opportunity.

With works by:

Paulette Penje (Saarland Fellow, 2016) and Niklas Seidl (Berlin Fellow, Music, 2016) as the artist duo KOMBÜSE: LICK PIECE, 2018

Martina Wegener (Saarland Fellow, 2018) in cooperation with Cornelia Fachinger (Saarland Fellow, 2012): Pik-Haufen (Pöbeln im Kontext), 2019

Lynn Takeo Musiol (Berlin Fellow, Performing Arts, 2018) with the installation Deepfaking TsaiLxns Präludium, 2019

Cylixe (Berlin Fellow, Visual Arts, 2018) with a video projection

Mirkan Deniz (Berlin Fellow, Visual Arts, 2018) with the drawings Koordinaten (2014- ), 2019

Class Arnold Dreyblatt (member, Visual Arts Section) in collaboration with Ingeborg Knigge, Thomas Roessler, Jutta Schmidt, with the work Inventar, 2002

5 — 22 Jun 2019

Galerie der HBKsaar
Keplerstraße 3
66117 Saarbrücken

Free admission

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